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09 Oct 2015

Turkey Cup Challenge of Near East Angels has started

2015-2016 Season WBSL Turkey Cup Elimination Group matches started in Samsun on October 8, 2015. Teams of Turkish Women’s Basketball League are competing in 3 separate sports halls in 3 groups (A, B, C). Two top teams of each group will be eligible to play playoff matches.

Competing in Group A, the Near East University Women’s Basketball Team played its first match with Mersin Metropolitan Municipality at 18: 15 yesterday and defeated its opponent with a net score of 84-62. The Near East University Women’s basketball Team will play all the matches at Samsun Yaşar Doğu Sports Hall. The team will play its second match with Edirne Municipality Edirnespor at 18:15 on Friday October 9, and its third match with Adana ASKİ at 14:00 on October 11. Dedicated to be at the top of Group A, the Near East University Women’s Basketball Team will combat with all its potential and capacity to win all the matches.